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About Us

The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said, ‘That the best among you are those who are most beneficial to mankind’

Albayan Education Foundation, is a registered charity and humanitarian agency based in the UK. It was established to aid and relieve the plight of peoples in destitute parts of the world. Albayan Foundation aims to play its part in helping bring hope and social justice in parts of the world where poverty and human vulnerability are rife.

We aim to help communities to tackle the root causes of poverty and by providing sustainable relief programs. This may be in the form of improved health services, installation of water pumps, helping children through education, supporting orphans, training widows and helping families become self-reliant. In disasters or emergencies Albayan Foundation will try to do what we can to provide short-term food, medicine and shelter.

To bring about lasting change, we are trying to build strong local partnerships, hiring local staff and working with local and civil society organisations.

We would like to build Albayan Foundation into a reliable, efficient and accountable organisation. The foundation hopes to benefit thousands of people in many countries with it’s stated efforts in various fields of relief and education. However, since the agency is in it’s infancy, it will not be able to fulfill its vision without the support and co-operation of benevolent people like you, and the guidance and blessing of the Almighty.