24HR DONATION HOTLINE: 0121 773 3431 info@albayan.org.uk

100% Donation policy

Albayan Foundation operates on a 100% donation policy.

We take the trusts of people very seriously and guarantee that every last penny of your contribution is spent on the cause  or project you have donated towards.

Example: if you give £30 towards our bread factory, then rest assured that the full £30 will go towards the bread factory.

How do we cover our expenses?

We have a number of ways to generate extra income that helps the charity operate on a day-to-day basis. Albayan Foundation covers its costs from the following:

  • Income generated from its own clothing banks
  • Profits received from Albayan Foundation’s Charity shops
  • Donations specified for administration costs
  • Gift Aid donations – This is a government scheme allowing taxpayers to – increase the value of their donation by 25%. This additional amount is paid by the government and allocated to the charity’s administration fund